Keep working
Even when apart. is the Work OS that powers teams to run projects and workflows with confidence.
Enjoy working in a platform
that adapts to your needs.
With ASTIN planner , we're able to work in a way that suits our needs while still keeping remote teams closely aligned and highly empowered.
Oleg Ivchenko
Easy transition to agile -development unleashes the power of agile for both experts and beginners.
Flexible planning
Scrum? Have. Kanban? Have. Mixed methodology? Have. provides there are many planning options that allow your team to create plans in the best way possible.
Accurate estimates
Thanks to the estimates, your team will work better and more efficiently. You can use complexity ratings, watches, T-shirts, or your own assessment techniques - supports all of this.
Prioritization based by value
You can order user’s custom stories, tasks, and bugs in the product's backlog with a simple drag. Now all the most important for the client will always be at the top.
Performance transparency
With, your team’s work will become more transparent and all its members will always be aware of what is happening, wherever they are - in neighboring rooms or on different continents.
Practical value
By empowering reporting, the team will be able to go even deeper analyze agile processes. And retrospectives, supplemented by data, will become even more effective.
Add and change your workflows, types of tasks and fields as your Command. is a solution for agile project management, suitable teams of all sizes.
Choose a process or create a new one
Each team creates the software in its own way. Use a standard process or create your own, suitable it's your team.
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